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Our Medically Supervised Exercise programs are built on the premise that Rest is NOT rehab. Our programs are built with the patient's safety as our number one goal and their fitness goals as a strong second. Our fitness coaches work closely with our medical team to build individual balanced fitness plans that not only challenges the patient, but builds upon their rehabilitation to mitigate future injuries, and prepares them to return the activities they enjoy.

Our program is unique in that we bridge the gap between rehabilitation and strength and conditioning that allows the patient to become a better version of themselves. We build upon each patient's strength and concentrate on the patient’s challenges. Our goal is to development a foundation that combats their inabilities and turns their “I can’t...” to “I can now...” Success in the program and a positive outcome is the only option. Our medical staff and medical team are 100% committed to continuity of care and being the facilitator that guides the patient through their program to ultimately revitalize their health